The Club kicked off back in the early 70s with a small group of locals who had a common interest, Surfing. Back then Byron Bay was a small country town where its locals worked at the Abbotoir, Sandmining, or Norco. Back when surfing was frowned upon and any surfers from out of town pretty much not wanted.

But Byron was to under go changes, big changes.

In the early days of the club one surfer stood out and he was a young motor mechanic that worked at the family business, Timperleys Service Station. He was Gary Timperley who had surfing ability way beyond anyone else around and he went on to compete on the World stage. Gary competed successfully against some of the best in the World.

As Byron slowly grew, so did the club. Which soon saw another couple of World class surfers. Daniel Wills and Kieron Perrow both have highly successful World class careers as professional surfers.

Over time the club has seen many Presidents and many great surfers and as Byron has changed its identity from country town to an international destination for the young and beautiful and rich and famous, so too the club has grown to cater for a wave of new comers moving to the area.

Current President, Neil Cameron, a member for over 30 years, says his vision for the club is to cater for surfers of all ages who like to compete, and create a platform for young talented surfers to follow in the footsteps of our previous great surfers. Also being competitive as a club at Teams Events, and continue to organise and run the Ben King Memorial Surf Classic & Willsy X Groms.

And also remain financial in order to help local people going through some sort of hardship.

The future is bright for our club and it will continue to grow over the coming years.

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