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Sean Cochran

Nick Name: Cocky
Home Beach: Suffo
Boards: Yorky, JS
Sponsors: Tim
Favourite spot to surf: Deserts, Maccas, Tarimbang, Tallows, Whites, Rivermouth
On your iPod: Varied
Favourite Surfers: Machado, Jordy, Melling, Reynolds, Wright
Surfing goal: Have fun!

Juna Horstmans

Nick Name: June
Home Beach: Used to be Bondi beach but now its Suffolk/The Pass
Boards:Warner: 5’9″, Coney Fish: 5’4″, Howie: 5’11”
Sponsors: Muther of all things
Favourite spot to surf: The Pass, Broken
On your iPod: Music, Movies
Favourite Surfers: Julian Wilson, Coco Ho, Dion Agius
Surfing goal: To make a living off of surfing, and to surf all day, every day for the rest of my life!!

Cory Flanagan

Nick Name: Cozza
Home Beach: The Wreck
Boards: Flanagan Shapes
Sponsors: Flanagan Shapes , Original Fitness
Favourite spot to surf: Broken
On your iPod: Music, games
Favourite Surfers: Mick Fanning
Surfing goal: get barrelled

Tai Flanagan

Nick Name: Tai
Home Beach: The Wreck
Boards: Flanno Shapes
Sponsors: Flanagan Shapes
Favourite spot to surf: The Wreck
On your iPod: Music,games,photos,Movies
Favourite Surfers: Rasta
Surfing goal: To surf foreva

Jye Brien

Nick Name: Jye Slater
Home Beach: Brays
Boards: Howie 5’5”
Sponsors: Mum and Dad
Favourite spot to surf: Pass, Broken, Brays.
On your iPod: Hilltop Hoods, System of the Down, Eminem.
Favourite Surfers: Slats, Parko, Willsy….
Surfing goal: For it to be a big part of my life forever!

Torren Martin

Nick Name: Toz, Tozza.
Home Beach: Suffo
Boards: ESP 6’1 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/8
Sponsors: OceanEarth, ESP, Electric, Sole Surfer.
Favourite spot to surf: Broken Point, Angourie, Shipwrecks, Bingin.
On your iPod: Rise against, The game, Akon, A Day to Remember, The Gaslight Anthem, 2pac, Angus & Julia Stone.
Favourite Surfers: All the Boys.
Surfing goal: Beat Nicky C!

Jhamil Coorey

Nickname(s): J LAD
Homebeach: The Pass
Boards: 5’4 flano fish
Sponsors: It’s gonna happen one day
Favorite spot to surf: The Pass, Tallows
On your ipod: HARDCORE
Favorite surfers: Dane R, Danny W, Kelly S, Mick F
Surfing goal: Win a big comp.

Josh Warren

Nickname(s): Wazza
Homebeach: Suffolk Park
Boards: Ed Sinett 6″1
Sponsors: None
Favorite spot to surf: Broken point, The pass and Lennox when it’s firing
On your ipod: Alot
Favorite surfers: Mick Fanning, Rob Machado, Bede Durbridge, Bruce Irons…
Surfing goal: To rip.

Sally Miller

Nickname(s): Mrs. Sluggis
Homebeach: Tallows(Dolphins)
Boards: Murray Burton
Favorite spot to surf: Locally : Tallows and Lennox Point…Fav ever; Velzyland, Fav spot to sit in the channel is Padang-Padang and be mezmorised.
On your ipod: Foo Fighters, some hip hop/rap, Reggae, Metallica,Beautiful Girls, Fergie, top 40, Indonesian gamelan, Latin tunes, Grinspoon…all sorts of sounds
Favorite surfers: Occy, Kelly, Tom Curren, Parko,Bede, Stephanie, Lisa A…
Surfing goal: Travel …and there loads of room for improvement each and every surf.

Bryce Cameron

Homebeach: Tallows (Cozy Corner)
Boards: dahlburg
Sponsors: Mum for craziest food you could ever eat
Favorite spot to surf: Rivery, Tallows, Broken Point, The Wreck, Whites, macaronis and lakey peak
On your ipod: The Game, Pennywise, Strung out, Kings of Leon, Bliss’n’Eso, Crowded House, Dire Straights,Bob Marley, Anberlin, Anything great
Favorite surfers: Slater, Parko, Bobby, Willsy, Dane, Jordy, Owen Wright
Surfing goal: already living the dream, to be able to live and surf with your best mates in the bay every day doesn’t get any better…..

Ryan Docking

Homebeach: Broken Head
Boards: Wave blades surfboards, DOCKING.
Sponsors: Solesurfer, Living colour, Waveblades surfboards, 2481 clothing byron bay
Favorite spot to surf: Cowries Shellharbour HOME
On your ipod: Parkway drive, Alex gopher, Metric, Jamie T, Lady hawke, Mercy arms, Angels and airwaves
Favorite surfers: Dane Reynolds, Julian Wilson, Taj Burrow
Surfing goal: To Beat SWITCHBLADE

Calin Hede

Nickname(s): coolcat
Homebeach: Suffolk Park
Boards: Nirvana
Sponsors: …Ericcson nirvana
Favorite spot to surf: The Wreck
On your ipod: ACDC
Favorite surfers: Yerrin Brown
Surfing goal: To surf as many places as possible

Jarrad Sullivan

Nickname(s): Jaz, JT, Fish Lips, Squid Lips, Squid
Homebeach: Lennox Beach
Boards: JR,s the goods
Sponsors: Fox, JR, Electric, FCS
Favorite spot to surf: Lennox, Boilers, Rivermouth
On your ipod: A heapa
Favorite surfers: Mashy, Brick, Woodstock
Surfing goal: Kill Bill 3 In a wave pool

Sam Johnson

Nickname(s): Squecker, Freckel,Bohicka
Homebeach: Tallows(Dolphins)
Boards: Firewire, Epoxy “emery”
Sponsors: Keeping the billboard open for anyone.
Favorite spot to surf: The Wreck or Whites when it’s on.
On your ipod: The Kooks, Bliss & Eso, Fat Freddys Drop.
Favorite surfers: Taj, Andy, Dane, Lloyd and Stickers
Surfing goal: To win a year at Boardriders. Get at least one spono before I die. “Not going to happen”

Kyuss King

Nickname(s): Kyuss.
Homebeach: The Pass
Boards: 4’6″ – 4’8″ – 5’1″
Sponsors: Volcom, Electric, Freestyle watches, SOLE SURFER
Favorite spot to surf: The Pass, Tallows, Snapper, Tee Tree
On your ipod: Kyuss!
Favorite surfers: Kelly Slater, Owen Wright, Julian Wilson, Jordy Smith.
Surfing goal: “Id like to surf in a wave house one day.”

Georgia Lilly Kervin

Nickname(s): Gee, Georgia, Curious George
Homebeach: Tallows (Dolphins)
Boards: 5.3, 5.8
Sponsors: It’llhappen someday
Favorite spot to surf: The Wreck, Tallows, Broken!
On your ipod: Glee, Josh Radin, Jack johnson
Favorite surfers: Lane Beachley
Surfing goal: To one day win a world title

Paul Sullivan

Nickname(s): Sully,Exscullivar,Mulli Skulli,Senor Squid
Homebeach: Suffolk Park
Boards: Murray Burton
Sponsors: Pfizer,
Favorite spot to surf: Sullys Reef, Rivery, BP, Snapper- the left
On your ipod: This week,Rosin Murphy, Rilo Kiley, Modest Mouse, next?
Favorite surfers: local surfers,Jaz,Dooma
Surfing goal: An island trip per year.

Zac Skyring

Nickname(s): Zacattack
Homebeach: Broken Head
Boards: Town and Country – 5’4″and 5’6″
Favorite spot to surf: Broken Head
On your ipod: Planet Funk
Favorite surfers: Danny Wills
Surfing goal: Enjoy every wave i surf

Dave Hamilton

Nickname(s): hammo,hamdog
Homebeach: Suffolk Park
Boards: boards that make surfing fun
Sponsors: jah
Favorite spot to surf: ht’s and lagundri with mates only
On your ipod: reggae, mon
Favorite surfers: anyone who has respect for others and the ocean
Surfing goal: to surf all my life

Wes Bannister

Nickname(s): Bano
Homebeach: Suffolk Park
Boards: 5’4” maddog *plater*
Sponsors: .
Favorite spot to surf: Broken, Suffolk, Rivery, Pass when working
On your ipod: haha
Favorite surfers: Mick, Taj, Bruce, Danny
Surfing goal: To Rip

Lee Miller

Nickname(s): Sluggis
Homebeach: Tallows(Dolphins)
Boards: any one who can get the rocker right
Sponsors: Byron Bay Dry Wall
Favorite spot to surf: Aussie pipe and Race Track – Low tide Ulu’s, and waves with grunt
On your ipod: Dont own one, but like the foo fighters,smashing pumkins,Spiderbait
Favorite surfers: 70’s Chris Pucko, 90’s- Occy surfing not mouth, 08 Made Lana
Surfing goal: Never do any two stage any turns and no hunginton hopping

Jordan Congdon

Nickname(s): Jordy
Homebeach: Broken Head
Boards: 5.3 Maddog and Dads Mal at Watties
Sponsors: 2481 clothing
Favorite spot to surf: The Pass
On your ipod: Bliss N Eso
Favorite surfers: Danny Wills
Surfing goal: Having FUN!

Sam Steinhauer

Nickname(s): Streety
Homebeach: Main Beach
Boards: a real rippper
Sponsors: yeeeee
Favorite spot to surf: Tallowwwsssss
On your ipod: Bracewar, Gorilla Biscuits, Streetyouth
Favorite surfers: reapers
Surfing goal: Get a barrel

Rusty Rochfort-Sewell

Nickname(s): Risty
Homebeach: The Pass
Boards: Matt Crisp 5’2”
Sponsors: Art Park
Favorite spot to surf: The Pass, Tallows, Snapper, Tee Tree
On your ipod: Heaps of Sick Stuff
Favorite surfers: Kelly Slater and my mates (Lachy, Cooper, Kyuss)
Surfing goal: To beat Kingy!