Leihani Kaloha Zoric
Age: 5
Sponsors: Farking and Liive Vision
Favourite surfers : Carissa Moore, Bethany Hamilton, Touma Cameron
Favourite surf breaks: Lennox Pub, Broken Head, North Wall
Goals for the future: to land a air reverse
Life motto: Be myself in a mermaid way
What’s the best part of being a BBB member: all the good memories and surfing with my friends
Any last words: I hope everybody in board riders WINS!!!!

East Soria
Age: 10
Sponsors: dad
Favourite Surfers Local and Professional?:
Local: Soli Bailey  Professional: Conor Oleary
Favourite Surf Breaks: Broken head
Goals For The Future: Win the world title
What’s Your Life Motto?: Never drive away from good surf.
What’s The best part of being a Byron bay Board riders Member : Having the spot to yourself when it’s your heat 


Age: 13 years old
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Tools, Skullcandy, Dave Lewis surfboards and Byron Bay Banana Man.
Surfers: Danny Wills and Griffin Colapinto
Surf breaks : Tallows and Lennox point
Life Motto : Dont hold back just go for it and surf great spots around the world.
Best part of Byron Bay Boardriders : Surfing and competeing with your mates