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BK Contest a success!


Thanks to everyone for making this weekend’s contest a huge success.

Check this link for the Prime7 coverage

Check this link for Common Ground coverage

Click here to see Jake Morgan’s photos of the contest




1st    Holly Dobson
2nd  Harper Smales
3rd   Taris Byles


1st Jesse Parkinson
2nd Jett Dellitt
3rd  Duke Wrencher
4th  Harry O’Brien

Under 12 Girls 

1st  Zahli Kelly
2nd Nyxie Ryan
3rd Mahlia Carr
4th Carly Shanahan

Under 12 Boys 

1st Tane Dobbyn
2nd Josh Grange
3rd Jack O’Brien
4th Keo Bartholomew

Under 14 Girls 

1st Zahli Kelly
2nd Pasha Luque-Light
3rd Jasmine Sloane
4th Shaye Leeuwendal

Under 14 Boys 

1st Mikey Donagh
2nd Kai Tandler
3rd Conner Lee
4th Eli Carr

Under 16 Girls 

1st  Alyssa Locke
2nd Macy Callaghan
3rd Kiani Dobbyn
4th Zahli Kelly

Under 16 Boys 

1st Liam O’Brien
2nd Luke Condon
3rd Lachy Grange
4th  Jai Jai Ross

Under 18 Girls 

1st Dax McGill
2nd Alyssa Locke
3rd Kiana Dobbyn
4th Georgia Kervin

Under 18 Boys 

1st Jeames Young
2nd Zac Wightman
3rd Sheldon Simkus
4th Noah Cooney

Senior Men Over 30’s 

1st Yerin Brown
2nd Danny Wills
3rd Dave Reardon-Smith
4th Bryce Cameron

Masters Over 40’s 

1st Jake Spooner
2nd Andrew Lindsay
3rd Lee Miller
4th Ant Mikellides

Legends Over 50’s 

1st Rabbit Bartholomew
2nd Max Perrot
3rd Neil Cameron
Mark Trout

Over 60’s 

1st Neil Cameron
2nd Glen Stickley
3rd James Dodds
4th MickBirch

Open Women 

1st Stephanie Single
2nd Ellie Brooks
3rd  Dax McGill
4th  Macy Callaghan

Open Men 

1st Luke Stickley
2nd  Jimmy Gilmore
3rd Elliot Paerere-Reid


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