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Club Round 7 (away round)

Hi all, hope everyone has been getting amongst some of the great waves that have been around the last few weeks.

This weekend we have our traditional August away round down at Lake Arragan, located just North of Brooms head. Always a fun time for everyone camping in the national park there and hopefully some good uncrowded waves.

The club round will be on Sunday morning with many people opting to set up camp on Friday evening to have 2 nights away. Remember to bring some dry firewood as there was none there for our camp fires last year.

There is a shop in Brooms head about 15 minutes drive away but try to bring all you need with you. The club will put on a BBQ for Saturday night with the normal fare of Bacon and eggs for the Sunday comp morning.
Look forward to seeing everyone there, the weather and surf forecast look good.
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