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Lake Aragon

An outstanding weekend was had by all at our away club contest which was held at Lake Aragon.

With last year’s away round hard to beat, it would have to be said that 2010 was even better. A stronger turnout, great food and plenty of laughs around the fire were all contributing factors to the successful weekend. The waves clean and contestable on the Sunday with the grommets getting the pick of the banks.

Long rides by the young fellas were watched closely by the old boys on bank 1, heard frequently throughout the weekend was ‘deep throat’ and his comment on Sunday was clear for all to hear ‘those grommets are ripping.’

Well done to all the kids, I’m sure they all enjoyed the weekend and can’t wait for next year. On bank 1 there were also some standout performances with Zippy taking another win in the Masters, Karl ‘GG’ Woolcott getting his first win for the year and Simmo taking out the Seniors. Big congratulations to Tommy and Henry for making their first Open Final, there will be plenty more to follow without a doubt. A huge thank you from the committee to everyone who attended the away round, see you all next month.

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